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Windows 10 – My Computer (This PC)

So I’ve done a bold move ditching Windows 7 to Windows 10, along with a new laptop that i bought (MSI GT72S 6QE), while using Windows, My Computer Icon is one of the most used ones i usually go to when accessing drives.

With the recent update in Windows 10, Microsoft messed up the arrangements of My Computer (or now the icon is called “This PC”), Folders are also visible in there, taking the top row which really pisses me off, Since Win 95 and i am used to having Drives in the top Row (A:\ , C:\, D:\ etc..).

In order to get it the same way as Windows 7 or others do the following:

– Go to My Computer (yes, i’ll keep calling it My Computer, now it is “This PC”) => Right Click => Group By => More
– make sure the following are ticked in this order top to bottom (Type, Name, Free Space)
– Right Click Again => Group By => Type
– Right Click Again => Group By => Descending
– Right Click Again => Sort By => Name
– Right Click Again => Sort By => Descending
– Collapse “Folder” if you don’t like them to be displayed , and close My Computer (better name it My Computer), this should save what ever you kept it open.
– You may also want to pin My Computer to start menu, because why the fuck not ?