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The life as we know it

In life there are many things that diversify us as human beings; from race to religion, from money to morals, to a funny matter to me, which is a small notebook that is colored, covered and stamped when ever you reach a land of not yours; and depends on your fate; may raise you to heavens, or through you in hell..

Am not going politics, am sick of that already.. but i just figured one  the most thing that diversified us: Interests.

Indeed, while one of my people in my home country/s (which both countries are giving me hard time not to think of canada..); might be excited that’s today is Thursday, and while he is washing his car, he is thinking of how much his newly bought car sound amplifier will impress girls in abdoun round about.  Another from the same species had a hard time spiking his gelly hair and learning a couple of chords to play on rainbow street.

i’ll be so open this time, i envy those.. you know, being a naive bubble head is good sometimes (or most of the times especially nowadays ), smart people are suffering, they are seeing the wrong everywhere they turn their faces, being objected by stupid people where the stupid people’s opinion wins, they are thinking so much about the future, and they are working extremely hard, to achieve,  but lastly wins the naive ..

smart crazy people envy’s all, the naive the smart and the smartest, call me mental, but i would love to be one of those who spends most of his time in a dark room with multiple screens and hacks away people’s ass, yet i want to get my personal social life.. and in the end, i achieve none.

since last year in my current position at work, i’ve come  to release various things about life as we knows it,  i’ve more come to know to listen more the other peer and try to put your self in his/her shoe , i mean seriously, most of us people think we are always right, specially young people, but when times goes on and on, you discover that you are a tuna in an ocean..

some think that my job is easy, well; it might be so, but with it comes responsibilities which is  a hundred times harder for ten people to handle, am not saying that is more critical than a doctor who saves lives, but in this responsibility  lies lives and money, in dozens and millions.

it’s a pity at work we can’t have a camera or a mobile camera due to security reasons, but i’ll give a day of my life in short, as i know it:

– the indecent in the picture, caused a total loss of Four Million Dollars & counting, and was about to cause death of a complete firemen team.

– in work locations inside the field, there were incidents that required existence of the engineer in charge, though the rectification wasn’t under my responsibilities and yet one of them was silly, still it was hazardous, and reminds me of a couple more serous occurred two weeks back that required investigation, in which flame threw out in the sky like a forty meter building

– A truck tank filled with oil flipped over, splashed every where, and is the reason of why i am still at work a hundred KM away from home

this kinds of jobs make you age on a higher rate, considering the country weather and the work environment, i’ll be 80 by 35..

i wish i am a naive with a guitar, or wandering around with my car around forcing people to listen to my shitty music.. better than being an unattended underground super hero, where most  people envy you but does not actually realize in how much deep shit you are.