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Western Media Degeneration

After spending a couple of months in a western country,  and every time i had my breakfast while watching TV, am more sure of the “What & Why” western people think of people in the middle-east.

Was it a school kids fight, or some maniac sexual harasser wannabe with a beard kidnaps (Sydney Siege) a group of people in a cafe.. it is always Islam.

With the unknown birth of ISIS -which as a middle-eastern i honestly don’t know where the F* it originated from- this gained media controller’s attention, as it exactly serves a purpose; after 9/11 and Al-Qaeda broken records in Afghanistan and biggest hoax of all times in Iraq 2003 draws less attention every time it get broadcasted.

ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq & Sham), now known to western media as IS (Islamic State) only, since generalization is what serves media hidden agenda’s most, was on the headline of every western media’s TV, Radio & Newspapers since day zero; extra large fonts, red colored, with a blurry picture of bearded men holding black flags with Arabic letters on it and AK-47.

And when a -allegedly- beheading occurs (only of western people of course), you’ll most probably end up seeing that FHD, two camera angles scene, with a man wearing brightest orange ever and a man with a western accent making a speech of glory holding a knife on the TV for the rest of the week, with no actual beheading scene. And the next week is videos of the man’s family showing their sorrow pleading the terrorists not to kill their son. was the whole thing true or not, the point is, the media does not even state that there are other victims, tens Arabs & Muslims being killed in all different ways on daily basis in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, etc..

Western media does not even shed a light on the fact that, Arab & Muslim countries are as well involved in fighting ISIS, nope they don’t, they don’t care and they don’t give a crap; as far as they are concerned it is only that Rambo from US and their allies from UK & Australia who are saving the world from the certain imminent danger.

Yesterday, a Jordanian jet fighter crashed in Reqqa, Syria, and the pilot Moath Al-Kasasbeh was captured by ISIS members.

So how does the western news agencies front pages looks like ? below is a screenshots taken on 25th Dec 2014 12:00 PM (+10 GMT), i won’t highlight the news if it was mentioned, let us play & test your strength of observation; just to realize how decadent the western media is (with few exceptions).