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My Novel with Warcraft, Warcraft Novel Series – World of Warcraft Novels

I’ve been playing Warcraft since 2004, at first i didn’t like the game, i used to call it the Cockroaches Game. (As Mohandes R.I.P lol called it too).

Then while maintaining some pc’s in the network gaming system I’ve used to work at (Splash @ Rabeyh), i watched the players playing that game trying to figure out what is that Cockroaches Game all about, they were so tense and focused on the game, playing seriously, then I’ve been told that it was a strategy game..

going through the game campaign, i fall in love with that game’s story.. playing it’s most famous scenario Dota All Stars, made me fond of the game.

The Fact the World of warcraft once released had to purchase the original game, and subscribe monthly was only barrier between me and my WoW journey, i had a DSL internet connection already that time which was much expensive.., but even though the game worked on a dialup connection perfectly. (i’ve tried it my self).

The big issue was not having the credit card to recharge, and then the Euro comparing to the Jordanian Dinar (JD) was much expensive.

But it was a must to enter the WoW realm, i’ve started playing on a trial account on my final exams, let the game downloaded from the internet, the game size was then 4.3 GB, downloading via 128 Kbps, it took me a week 24/7.

i discovered later that my 10 days trial account has only 3 days left, i was level 13 or so i guess, so i went an bought the game for 35 JD, giving me 30 days subscription with original game.

Bought the Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King.

and recently my friend told me if i am interested in warcraft novel series, i said sure ! actually i am counting seconds till blizzard release their warcraft movie..

i’ve got the novels, but was not in order, and some of them were missing.. so me as a fixer, i’ve intended to make the complete collection. since the first novel tell now, there are 13 Novels released for warcraft / world of warcraft.. i have them all, and am willing to share it..

the complete list of novels according to are:

Warcraft series:

* Book 1: Of Blood and Honor
* Book 2: Day of the Dragon
* Book 3: Lord of the Clans
* Book 4: The Last Guardian

Warcraft: War of the Ancients Trilogy:

* Book 1: The Well of Eternity
* Book 2: The Demon Soul
* Book 3: The Sundering

World of Warcraft series:

# Book 1: Cycle of Hatred
# Book 2: Rise of the Horde
# Book 3: Tides of Darkness
# Book 4: Beyond the Dark Portal
# Book 5: Night of the Dragon
# Book 6: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King

so guys n girls, i have them all.. here they are, the 13 novels of world of warcraft: