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Microsoft OneDrive Ripoff?!


problem turned out to be versioning and meta-data, this is how to turn is on/off

Just found out that Microsoft rips off OneDrive Customers by falsely reporting user’s storage utilization. Simply put:


I had one employee who left the company, had files in OneDrive storage, OneDrive reports it as 29.x GB. Downloading all the content to our NAS via Synology CloudSync, the contents reported by NAS is 24.83 GB, same amount of files and folders, all reported in GB no GiB stuff.


Another employee left the company, had files in OneDrive, Microsoft Reports 6.2 GB, when all downloaded as ZIP, and extracted, same files and folders reported as 5.16 GB on Windows.

To investigate this further, I’ve decided to look at this with good faith, and try Case3: I’ve changed my OneDrive Quote within the company to 5 TB (maximum allowed to change via powershell) by punching

Set-SPOSite -Identity -StorageQuota 5242880

5242880 MB / 1024 = 5120 GB / 1024 = 5 TB. Microsoft reported successfully changing the storage space, admin console showed 5120 in active users.

filling up OneDrive with about 3 TB using rclone, process got interrupted, when investigating further, Microsoft showed that OneDrive is reporting 100% usage of the 5120 GB !


Storage metrics reporting the same:


Synology’s CloudSync OneDrive client reports the same:


Downloading the allegedly 5 TB folder to our Synology NAS via CloudSync, folder turns out to be 2.5 TB only !


and for those who’re doubting the folder mapping (i.e rom vs Roms):


So.. even considering worst case scenario of file allocation units, if say allocation units is set to Max (128 KB):

128 KB * 130775 files reported by Synology = 16739200 KB = 16346.875 MB = 15.9637451171875 GB which is nothing to push 2.5 TB to 5 TB !

Welcome to Microsoft.